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We are looking forward to meeting you again in the third week of April 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

Find the downloadable presentations of the 2017 workshop under program.

Two Workshops Join Forces

In a rapidly changing world some values remain unaltered. New equipment and new tools such as diagnostics,
but also new fuels and new ideas or approaches can only be introduced into daily industry life after their accurate performance and
traceability to the highest standards have been properly taken care of.
To do this, a collaboration of all parties involved is crucial. Together we are fueling the future.

The fifth European Flow Measurement Workshop has joined forces with the Metrology for LNG workshop.
VSL and CEESI invite you to join in Setting the Standard.

Hosted by VSL and CEESI
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At the workshop Metrology for LNG you will:

  • be updated on the newest developments in LNG measurement;
  • learn about practical challenges and solutions related to measuring LNG in the field;
  • see the most recent results of LNG calibration and validation research;
  • meet and discuss with stakeholders from all angles in LNG technology;
  • get the opportunity to visit the new midscale LNG calibration facility.

At the European Flow Measurement Workshop you will:

  • be brought up to speed on the latest progress in flow measurement;
  • see how you can approach flow related issues from different angles;
  • learn about new tools that will enable you staying in control of flow;
  • experience how flow measurement is an enabler in practical field applications;
  • meet and exchange ideas with end users, producers and developers active in flow measurement;
  • be updated on new standards and requirements.
Two Workshops Join Forces

To celebrate the fifth edition of the European Flow Measurement Workshop as well as the completion of major step in LNG metrology, the organizers of two workshops have decided to join forces, presenting you the best of two worlds on the forefront of flow metrology. Two days of Metrology for LNG and two and a half days of Flow Metrology, one day being a joint program, will bring you up to speed on both fields. Although you can attend one of the workshops, we offer a special rate if you come to both. Check out the program, or the attendance rates.

Sponsoring Opportunities

The joint workshop offers primary opportunities for showcasing your company to key players in the two fields combined. The good news is that we have stuck to the sponsoring fees of last year’s European Flow Measurement Workshop and offer you these for the full joint workshop, so you get much more exposure for the same fee. Sponsor’s names and logos will be featured prominently in communication leading up to and during the workshops. Please check out the options and get in touch.


15 January 2017
Deadline Abstract Submission

31 January 2017
End of early bird registration

4 and 5 April 2017
2nd Metrology for LNG Workshop

5 to 7 April 2017
5th European Flow Measurement Workshop

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