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Please find the outline of the program below.
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4 and 5 April 2017: Metrology for LNG Workshop
5 to 7 April 2017: European Flow Measurement Workshop

09:00 - 09:10 Welcome - Joost Groen (VSL)
09:10 - 09:30 Opening - Nellie Schipper (VSL) and Jeremiah Gage (CEESI)
09:30 - 10:15 "Setting the standard" - Cees Dikker (Shell)

“Natural gas, the lowest carbon fossil fuel, will play an increasingly important role in the global energy mix. Our roads and ports are becoming increasingly busy as the global population grows and more of us live in cities. A range of vehicles and fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), will be needed to meet increasing demand for transport as the world seeks to tackle emissions. LNG is a cost-competitive and cleaner burning fuel for heavy-duty transport applications compared to conventional fuels. Supporting and promoting the development of metrology market standards is crucial to ensuring high safety and accuracy level in LNG operations. Metrology is also of key importance to help build open, transparent and sustainable relationships with customers.”

13:00 - 13.25 LNG according to ISO, OIML R117 and MID - Marc Schmidt (NMi Certin)
13:25 - 13:50 Dynamic measurement of liquefied natural gas - Pico Brand en Frank Grunert (Krohne)
13:50 - 14.15 Long term stability of coriolis flowmeters in cryogenic fluids - Kyle Kergen, Paul Ceglia and Alfred Rieder (Endress & Hauser)
14:15 - 14:40 Using coriolis meters on LNG trucks - Anders Andersson (Fagerberg)
14:40 - 15:05 Reducing re-calibrations is justified by a density analysis on LNG for Micro Motion coriolis meters - Aart Pruysen (Emerson)

Limited spaces. Make sure to reserve your seat when registering. Including transport.

09:00 - 09:15 Welcome and Opening - Joost Groen (VSL)
09:15 - 09:40 LNG measurement for small scale applications: static vs. dynamic systems - Susana Sanz, Concepción Rabinal and Francisco Javier Lezaun (Enagás)
09:40 - 10:05 Experience from LNG flow tests for ship-to-ship transfer and bunkering - Jesper van der Putte (TNO), Bas van den Beemt (HSH) and Ralph Kwaaitaal (Flexim)
10:05 - 10:30 Preliminary design of NIM's LNG flowrate primary standard - Lian Zhang, Tao Meng and Chi Wang (NIM China)

13:00 - 13:25 Thermodynamic properties of liquefied natural gases - Monika Thol, Rafael Lentner, Christopher Tietz, Reiner Kleinrahm, Roland Span and Markus Richter (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
13:25 - 13:50 Miniaturized gas composition sensor for natural gas and biogas - Arjen Boersma and Huib Blokland (TNO)
13:50 - 14:15 Real-time monitoring of natural gas, field test performed at Liander Amsterdam - Joost Lötters (Bronkhorst)
14:15 - 15:00 Keynote lecture "Next level of standards needed in the food industry" - Karel Horn (FrieslandCampina)

"Quality demands of customers and government bodies in the Infant Food market lead to ever increasing need for more accurate process control. A sharp change is needed within Royal FrieslandCampina in measurement accuracy to cope with these quality demands. Flow is one of our prime process control parameters, as small disturbances can have a large impact on product quality. Historically process measurement has not been primary focus in our company. How to cope with his change, while expertise in this area is scarce? What could this mean for the role of equipment suppliers?"

Time to visit the exhibition.

Program Committee

Three flow and LNG experts will carefully consider all submitted abstracts and select the best ones in order to establish a program treating the new developments that you need to hear about.

The Program Committee consists of:

  • Jeremiah Gage – CEESI
  • Remco van den Berg – VSL
  • Peter Lucas – VSL

Visit to LNG facility

A major objective in the research program metrology for LNG is the establishment of validated and traceable LNG mass and flow standards. Around the time of the workshops the construction and validation of a unique mid-scale LNG flow facility (range up to 200 m^3/h/ 90 ton/h) will be completed in the harbor area of Rotterdam. For attendees of the Metrology for LNG workshop we organize a trip to this facility. Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to join, as we might have to work with limited allowed attendance because of safety regulations.

Partner Program

Subject to interest we will organize a partner trip during one of the afternoons, to a famous Dutch location (details to be announced). The Netherlands has a wide range of unique locations to offer and we will make sure to pick a special one. If you bring your partner and he or she would like to join, please indicate so on the registration form.